Lirik Lagu Diana Ross


album: "Reflections" (1968)
(performed as DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES)
  1. Reflections
  2. I'm Gonna Make It (I Will Wait For You)
  3. Forever Came Today
  4. I Can't Make It Alone
  5. In And Out Of Love
  6. Bah-Bah-Bah
  7. What The World Needs Now Is Love
  8. Up, Up And Away
  9. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)
  10. Then
  11. Misery Makes Its Home In My Heart
  12. Ode To Billie Joe
album: "Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing And Perform "Funny Girl"" (1968)
(performed as DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES)
  1. Funny Girl
  2. If A Girl Isn't Pretty
  3. I Am Woman
  4. The Music That Makes Me Dance
  5. Don't Rain On My Parade
  6. People
  7. Cornet Man
  8. His Love Makes Me Beautiful
  9. Sadie, Sadie
  10. I'm The Greatest Star
album: "Love Child" (1968)
(performed as DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES)
  1. Love Child
  2. Keep An Eye
  3. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
  4. Does Your Mama Know About Me
  5. Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)
  6. Some Things You Never Get Used To
  7. He's My Sunny Boy
  8. You've Been So Wonderful To Me
  9. (Don't Break These) Chains Of Love
  10. You Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin'
  11. I'll Set You Free
  12. Can't Shake It Loose
album: "Let The Sunshine In" (1969)
(performed as DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES)
  1. The Composer
  2. Everyday People
  3. No Matter What Sign You Are
  4. Hey Western Union Man
  5. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
  6. I'm Living In Shame
  7. Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In
  8. Let The Music Play
  9. With A Child's Heart
  10. Discover Me (And You'll Discover Love)
  11. Will This Be The Day
  12. I'm So Glad I Got Somebody (Like You Around)
album: "Cream Of The Crop" (1969)
(performed as DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES)
  1. Someday We'll Be Together
  2. Can't You See It's Me
  3. You Gave Me Love
  4. Hey Jude
  5. The Young Folks
  6. Shadows Of Society
  7. Loving You Is Better Than Ever
  8. When It's To The Top (Still I Won't Stop Giving You Love)
  9. Till Johnny Comes
  10. Blowin' In The Wind
  11. The Beginning Of The End
album: "Diana Ross" (1970)
  1. Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)
  2. Now That There's You
  3. You're All I Need To Get By
  4. These Things Will Keep Me Loving You
  5. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  6. Something On My Mind
  7. I Wouldn't Change The Man He Is
  8. Keep An Eye
  9. Where There Was Darkness
  10. Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow
  11. Dark Side Of The World
album: "Everything Is Everything" (1970)
  1. My Place
  2. Ain't No Sad Song
  3. Everything Is Everything
  4. Baby It's Love
  5. I'm Still Waiting
  6. Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoo
  7. Come Together
  8. The Long And Winding Road
  9. I Love You (Call Me)
  10. How About You
  11. (They Long To Be) Close To You
album: "Surrender / I'm Still Waiting" (1971)
  1. I'm Still Waiting
  2. Surrender
  3. I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You
  4. Remember Me
  5. And If You See Him
  6. Reach Out, I'll Be There
  7. Didn't You Know (You'd Have To Cry Sometime)
  8. A Simple Thing Like Cry
  9. Did You Read The Morning Paper?
  10. I'll Settle For You
  11. I'm A Winner
  12. All The Befores
soundtrack: "Lady Sings The Blues" (1972)
  1. Lady Sings The Blues
  2. The Man I Love
  3. Them There Eyes
  4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
  5. 'T Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
  6. Love Is Here To Stay
  7. Fine And Mellow
  8. Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)
  9. Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer
  10. Don't Explain
  11. You've Changed
  12. All Of Me
  13. My Man
  14. Good Morning Heartache
  15. I Cried For You
  16. Strange Fruit
  17. God Bless The Child
album: "Diana & Marvin" (1973)
  1. You Are Everything
  2. Don't Knock My Love
  3. You're A Special Part Of Me
  4. Pledging My Love
  5. Stop! Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
  6. My Mistake (Was To Love You)
album: "Touch Me In The Morning" (1973)
  1. Touch Me In The Morning
  2. All Of My Life
  3. We Need You
  4. Leave A Little Room
  5. I Won't Last A Day Without You
  6. Little Girl Blue
  7. Imagine
  8. Brown Baby
  9. Save The Children
album: "Last Time I Saw Him" (1973)
  1. Last Time I Saw Him
  2. No One's Gonna Be A Fool Forever
  3. Love Me
  4. Sleepin'
  5. You
  6. Turn Around
  7. When Will I Come Home To You
  8. Behind Closed Doors
album: "Live At Caesar's Palace" (1974)
  1. Don't Rain On My Parade
  2. Big Mable Murphy
  3. Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)
  4. Stop! In The Name Of Love
  5. My World Is Empty Without You
  6. Baby Love
  7. I Hear A Symphony
  8. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  9. Corner Of The Sky
  10. Being Green
  11. I Loves Ya Porgy
  12. Lady Sings The Blues
  13. God Bless The Child
  14. Good Morning Heartache
  15. 'T Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
  16. The Lady Is A Tramp
  17. My Man
album: "Diana Ross" (1976)
  1. Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
  2. I Thought It Took A Little Time (But Today I Fell In Love)
  3. Love Hangover
  4. Kiss Me Now
  5. You're Good My Child
  6. One Love In My Lifetime
  7. Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe
  8. After You
  9. Smile
album: "Baby It's Me" (1977)
  1. Gettin' Ready For Love
  2. You Got It
  3. Baby It's Me
  4. Too Shy To Say
  5. Your Love Is So Good For Me
  6. Top Of The World
  7. All Night Lover
  8. Confide In Me
  9. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
  10. Come In From The Rain
album: "Ross" (1978)
  1. Lovin', Livin' & Givin'
  2. What You Gave Me
  3. Never Say I Don't Love You
  4. You Were The One
  5. Reach Out, I'll Be There
  6. Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right
  7. Where Did We Go Wrong
  8. To Love Again
  9. Together
soundtrack: "The Wiz" (1978)
  1. The Feeling That We Have
  2. Can I Go On?
  3. He's The Wizard
  4. Soon As I Get Home / Home
  5. You Can't Win
  6. Ease On Down The Road #1
  7. What Would I Do If I Could Feel?
  8. Slide Some Oil To Me
  9. Ease On Down The Road #2
  10. (I'm A) Mean Ole Lion
  11. Ease On Down The Road #3
  12. Be A Lion
  13. Emerald City Sequence
  14. So You Wanted To See The Wizard
  15. Is This What Feeling Gets? (Dorothy's Theme)
  16. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News
  17. A Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice) / Liberation Ballet
  18. Believe In Yourself (Dorothy)
  19. Believe In Yourself (Reprise)
  20. Home
album: "The Boss" (1979)
  1. No One Gets The Prize
  2. I Ain't Been Licked
  3. All For One
  4. The Boss
  5. Once In The Morning
  6. It's My House
  7. Sparkle
  8. I'm In The World
album: "diana" (1980)
  1. Upside Down
  2. Tenderness
  3. Friend To Friend
  4. I'm Coming Out
  5. Have Fun (Again)
  6. My Old Piano
  7. Now That You're Gone
  8. Give Up
compilation: "To Love Again" (1981)
  1. It's My Turn
  2. Stay With Me
  3. One More Chance
  4. Cryin' My Heart Out
  5. Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
  6. I Thought It Took A Little Time (But Today I Fell In Love)
  7. To Love Again
  8. No One's Gonna Be A Fool Forever
  9. Touch Me In The Morning
album: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (1981)
  1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
  2. Sweet Surrender
  3. Mirror, Mirror
  4. Endless Love
  5. It's Never Too Late
  6. Think I'm In Love
  7. Sweet Nothings
  8. Two Can Make It
  9. Work That Body
album: "Silk Electric" (1982)
  1. Muscles
  2. So Close
  3. Still In Love
  4. Fool For Your Love
  5. Turn Me Over
  6. Who
  7. Love Lies
  8. In Your Arms
  9. Anywhere You Run To
  10. I Am Me
album: "Ross" (1983)
  1. That's How You Start Over
  2. Love Will Make It Right
  3. You Do It
  4. Pieces Of Ice
  5. Let's Go Up
  6. Love Or Loneliness
  7. Up Front
  8. Girls
album: "Swept Away" (1984)
  1. Missing You
  2. Touch By Touch
  3. Rescue Me
  4. It's Your Move
  5. Swept Away
  6. Telephone
  7. Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do
  8. All Of You
  9. We Are The Children Of The World
  10. Forever Young
album: "Eaten Alive" (1985)
  1. Eaten Alive
  2. Oh Teacher
  3. Experience
  4. Chain Reaction
  5. More And More
  6. I'm Watching You
  7. Love On The Line
  8. (I Love) Being In Love With You
  9. Crime Of Passion
  10. Don't Give Up On Each Other
album: "Red Hot Rhythm And Blues" (1987)
  1. Dirty Looks
  2. Stranger In Paradise
  3. Shine
  4. Shockwaves
  5. Selfish One
  6. Mr. Lee
  7. Tell Mama
  8. There Goes My Baby
  9. Summertime
  10. Cross My Heart
  11. It's Hard For Me To Say
  12. Tell Me Again
album: "Workin' Overtime" (1989)
  1. Workin' Overtime
  2. Say We Can
  3. Take The Bitter With The Sweet
  4. Bottom Line
  5. This House
  6. Paradise
  7. Keep On (Dancin')
  8. What Can One Person Do
  9. Goin' Through The Motions
  10. We Stand Together
album: "The Force Behind The Power" (1991)
  1. Change Of Heart
  2. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
  3. Battlefield
  4. Blame It On The Sun
  5. You're Gonna Love It
  6. Heavy Weather
  7. The Force Behind The Power
  8. Heart (Don't Change My Mind)
  9. Waiting In The Wings
  10. One Shining Moment
album: "Take Me Higher" (1995)
  1. Take Me Higher
  2. If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right
  3. Voice Of The Heart
  4. Let Somebody Know
  5. Keep It Right There
  6. Don't Stop
  7. Gone
  8. Only Love Can Conquer All
  9. I Never Loved A Man Before
  10. I Thought That We Were Still In Love
  11. I Will Survive
album: "Every Day Is A New Day" (1999)
  1. He Lives In You
  2. Love Is All That Matters
  3. Until We Meet Again
  4. Got To Be Free
  5. Not Over You Yet
  6. So They Say
  7. Every Day Is A New Day
  8. Sugar Free
  9. Someone That You Loved Before
  10. Hope Is An Open Window
  11. Carry On
  12. Until We Meet Again (Remixes)
album: "Blue" (2006)
  1. What A Diff'rence A Day Makes
  2. No More
  3. Let's Do It
  4. I Loves Ya Porgy
  5. Smile
  6. But Beautiful
  7. Had You Been Around
  8. Little Girl Blue
  9. Can't Get Started With You
  10. Love Is Here To Stay
  11. You've Changed
  12. My Man
  13. Easy Living
  14. Solitude
  15. He's Funny That Way
  16. 'T Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
album: "I Love You" (2006)
  1. Remember
  2. More Today Than Yesterday
  3. I Want You
  4. I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)
  5. What About Love
  6. The Look Of Love
  7. Lovely Day
  8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  9. Only You
  10. To Be Loved
  11. I Will
  12. This Magic Moment
  13. You Are So Beautiful
  14. Always And Forever
  15. Remember Reprise
  16. Take My Breath Away
other songs:
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (The ANMHE 'Diamond Diana" Remix)[from "Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection" compilation]
If We Hold On Together[from "The Land Before Time" soundtrack]
Love Story[from "Diana!" soundtrack]